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The purpose of our work is help photographers grow their business through creative and timeliness photos as well as solid business techniques

We are Marc & Mindy—a husband and wife wedding photography duo currently residing in the Chicago area. The purpose of our education is to do far more than teach photography technique. We hope to impact lives and businesses by helping in your struggles and celebrate in your successes. 

We get to know each of our students personally as we love to watch the transformation take place from a hobby photographer to someone who is ready to leave their 9 to 5 and finally watching them expand and grow their business for years to come.

What Our Students Can Expect From Us.

Our Promise to You. 

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We Believe.

We believe that education is best received when it is not just a free worksheet or a 20 minute video.  We believe that not every passionate photographer has thousands of dollars to spend on a course or have the time to travel to expensive workshops.  We believe in community, as well as showing you behind the scenes of how we use the exact methods we teach in our own successful wedding photography business.

We promise to be along on this journey with you. To deliver fresh new content weekly and to be accessible and available to answer your questions in our monthly membership calls.  We promise to cheer you along in your accomplishments and always give actionable steps to help you succeed.


Favorite Things


We believe in family & traditions. Every Fourth of July we travel down backcountry roads to a little cottage in eastern Iowa. Fireworks, S’mores, swimming, boating, catching lightning bugs…in all these years nothing has changed. It is one of our most treasured and beloved family traditions.

Sharing food. To us, food is not only about filling a hungry tummy. It’s also about enjoying an experience with your friends and loved ones and creating memories. On our first date Marc made us grilled cheese sandwiches. The night we got engaged? Steak and champagne in a Chicago steak house. Most free nights you can catch us cooking together or exploring new local restaurants.

Travel! We love to travel and would love to do a lot more of it in the coming years. When our couples tell us they are planning a destination wedding, we can’t help but get excited! Our goal is to shoot weddings not only in every state, but all over the world. 

We adore great music. Marc is a trained musician and graduated from Berklee College of Music. On date nights we enjoy eating a great dinner and catching live music. Mindy also enjoys watching Marc and his band perform.

We enjoy living an active lifestyle. With 6 children this is easy to do! Whether it’s helping our children practice and cheering alongside their sports, tubing down the Wisconsin river with our family, or training for various 5k’s for charitable causes, we never stop moving.

Education for passionate photographers who want to grow their business to a full-time thriving career

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